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SplendorNet WLL is a leading software solutions development company from Qatar. The main objective of SplendorNet is to provide high quality intelligent, innovative, robust and reliable solutions through the use of best of talent in the market and high end development standards and processes and latest technologies. Making software more and more intelligent is the ultimate aim we have in front of us.

What we do

  • Chatbot
  • Recommendation engines
  • Predictive machine learning
  • Intelligent adaptive learning systems
  • Customer satisfaction analysis
  • Reacting to market trends
  • Calculating risk
  • Personalised health monitoring
  • Health improvement suggestions
  • Chatbots
  • Online recommendations
  • Delivery systems
  • Price changes tracking
  • Customer behavior tracking
  • Customer feedback analysis

Advantages Of InPortrait Intelligent Dresser

  1. Customer can try on clothes before buying them without spending time in wearing them. This will make the purchase very convenient for the customers improving the customer loyalty.
  2. This will give the customer a chance to try on a lot of options instead of just a couple of them. This improves the chance of sale by many folds.
  3. This system can be made intelligent enough to effect a lot of upsell based on the current choices of the customers.

Innovative Retail Marketing technology

Visual Merchandise

Reality based virtual dressing Mirror that digitally manages your limitless product options ensuring ease of access and allows you better in-Store merchandise display with a virtual mirror, enabling a rich visual experience.

Better Store Management

With the virtual Mirrors the usage of trial room is reduced thereby ensuring reduced damage to the inventory. A choice of trying maximum dresses virtually in lesser time with rich visualization on the virtual mirror is an additional factor for a better store management. The photo-accurate virtual dressing room app enables customers to try various clothes and accessories virtually without any inconvenience

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